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Being your own doctor and it’s just not helping you heal fast enough?

Where did your energy go? Why do you have brain fog and a messed up gut? And now body aches, skin issues, unwanted weight gain or loss and other strange things. What about your mood and actual feelings of wellness?

When will this end? Is this just how it’s going to be forever?

Medical professionals may say that you seem “fine” and it may just be in your head. Nothing and nobody seems to help.

You’re doing what you can, but you know that you need more answers and guidance so that you can



Get your own health detective, personalized healing strategy and rebuilding partner.

You can be restored. Healing is possible! Work with us and become your real self again so that you can live your life’s best.

Together we find answers that are specific to your unique struggles and needs. And we work with you closely to accelerate that healing beyond what you may be able to imagine right now.

Get your new beginnings and feel alive. Meet the real you again, except even better. Because you will be more clear and confident in how to take care of yourself and overcome obstacles.


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    why work with us

    Real healing success with diagnostic discovery, strategic support and personalized solutions.


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    We understand.

    We listen to you. We work with you. We spend time on you and for you. We believe in you and want what’s best for you. We believe that you have value and a purpose, and we know that ours is to help you live yours to its fullest.

    We give you more time.

    We’re detectives on your case. We provide thorough analysis and strategy for your healing. Our focus is on your individual root details including your dna and areas of dysfunction so that you can heal from your foundations up.

    We want your best life!

    We believe in consistent support and partnership with you. We believe in adjusting care options based on your resources to best equip and empower you. We believe in providing DIY health resources and education.


    Client Successes

    I now feel more hopeful, energized, and joyful than I could have ever imagined possible.

    “For over 30 years I felt like I was living on an island of make-believe symptoms and unnecessary suffering. After being continuously disregarded and feeling misguided by countless health practitioners over the years, it was such a breath of fresh, safe, air knowing that Julia’s bright mind and warm heart were on my side. With her help I was able to find the courage to persevere…”

    – Rachelle S.

    Client Successes

    The unfortunate truth was no one was interested in helping me get to the root cause.

    I had so many unanswered questions and was tired of being pushed from one place to another. Not only has Julia helped me navigate through confusing medical terminology and lab tests but she has taken the time to explain the how and why, the cause and effect and given me hope for the future. I am so thankful for Julia. You are not alone in this battle.

    – C. Daniels

    Client Successes

    She really helped me figure out so much when it came to my body.

    I went to her with many issues (brain, gut, and well, let’s just say full body!) She was so pleasant and empathetic, and talking to her was like talking to an old friend. I would totally recommend her if you’re a woman with health issues that has struggled with doctors not taking you seriously and you want a coach who knows what it is like.”

    – Mary W.

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    Meet reGenesis:

    Passionate about reversing illnesses and optimizing each person’s genetic expression. We use evidence-based science to focus on regeneration over degeneration. And we are on a mission to awaken the women who have been suffering for far too long, into living their best lives because the world needs what they have to offer.

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