who we are

  • Functional Medicine and Holistic Health Professionals
  • Fully telehealth for online virtual health support
  • Ultra personalized down to your specific DNA function
  • The detailed, hands-on detectives you’ve needed
  • The consistent rebuilding support that speeds up recovery
  • Experienced in our own healing successes
  • We live the personalized lifestyle health we promote
  • Collaborative health strategists
  • Positive encouragers helping mindset and confidence
  • Health educators – we want you to understand

your new beginnings team

We want you to be living your best life, and it’s impossible to do this with chronic health struggles, activated illnesses and accelerated aging.

You can feel renewed in energy, focus, confidence and purpose because healing is possible.

We help you to restore your wellness from the very foundations of your health and work with you to begin again.

And we know that when you do, you get your time and years back.

Are you ready for your new beginnings?


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Get to know more about our passion and place in the health space that could be just what revives your life.

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our founder

Personal Health Wins

Reversed and manages severe Celiac disease in gut and brain, gluten sensitivity, non-gluten wheat sensitivity, SIBO, IBS

Restored delayed TBI/concussion “cascade”, removed brain fog, healing dysautonomia

Reversed and manages Hashimoto’s and Adrenal Insufficiency/Pre-Addison’s

Regulated dysfunctional sleep, hormones and mood imbalances

Got her energy, mental clarity and grooooove back.

Decreased chronic viral reactivations of EBV and others. Improved immune resiliance.

Meet Julia Quinn

Julia inherited her father’s passion for being a health detective and changed careers to becoming one professionally, after her own health crisis was ending her life. She found functional medicine, discovered several answers and solutions and rebuilt her own health.

A board certified holistic health practitioner, she’s also a certified coach and practitioner in functional medicine, functional genomics, DNA for clinical practice, and gluten wheat-related disorders.

Julia enjoys helping women to get their lives and selves back like she did. She works with various practitioners and receives referrals.

She loves the Enneagram and her type and tri-type call her an Investigative Thinker, Strategist and Problem Solver.

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