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For when you need health support that’s more detailed and determined.

Take a look at our featured services and regeneration programs. Remember to read more about us and to submit an interest form or contact us with your questions. We can then get on a free discovery call. If you’ve already purchased a service, we’ll be in contact shortly and get started!

featured services

We offer both specific services and full regenerative health partnership programs.

See our featured services below, followed by our programs.

Functional DNA Roadmap

Heal faster, age better and know what’s going to help you live your best. Learn what your DNA says about how you could struggle — yet what you can do about it. Get your own personal genetic blueprint, analysis and guidance.

It’s incredible insight that can save you so much in the long run. Contact us for more.

Specialty Lab Consults

Get clearer on what those advanced functional labs in the reGenesis store are saying and how they apply to you. Inquire with us about other labs that you’d like to understand further.

Bought a lab review already from our store? We’ll be in touch shortly!

Clinical Health Coaching

Get well faster through your healing and rebuilding with advanced coaching support that uses the clinical insight and strategy with helping you to succeed on your own.

A great add-on to your functional holistic care within or outside of reGenesis.


the ultimate full service

New Beginnings Healing Plan

The Ultra Personalized

1-1 Renew & Rebuild Program

This is where you really fast-track your healing. It’s the thorough and consistent partnership process from answers to strategy to your accelerated healing process.

You discover your true health, new life and purpose when you’re committed and supported in these programs. It’s time to begin again. Find out more about how this program could be exactly what launches you back into the life you were meant for.


Client Successes

I now feel more hopeful, energized, and joyful than I could have ever imagined possible.

“For over 30 years I felt like I was living on an island of make-believe symptoms and unnecessary suffering. After being continuously disregarded and feeling misguided by countless health practitioners over the years, it was such a breath of fresh, safe, air knowing that Julia’s bright mind and warm heart were on my side. With her help I was able to find the courage to persevere…”

– Rachelle S.

Client Successes

The unfortunate truth was no one was interested in helping me get to the root cause.

I had so many unanswered questions and was tired of being pushed from one place to another. Not only has Julia helped me navigate through confusing medical terminology and lab tests but she has taken the time to explain the how and why, the cause and effect and given me hope for the future. I am so thankful for Julia. You are not alone in this battle.

– C. Daniels

Client Successes

She really helped me figure out so much when it came to my body.

I went to her with many issues (brain, gut, and well, let’s just say full body!) She was so pleasant and empathetic, and talking to her was like talking to an old friend. I would totally recommend her if you’re a woman with health issues that has struggled with doctors not taking you seriously and you want a coach who knows what it is like.”

– Mary W.

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